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Delissalde is an American sculptor currently living in Denver, Colorado. He discovered and cultivated his intense love for the visual arts early in his life studying drawing, human anatomy and painting at the ATELIER GUILLMAN under artist painter M. Guillen — 1971 to 1978 — and art history and sculpture at the NATIONAL SCHOOL OF SCULPTURE AND PAINTING — 1977 to 1978 — in Mexico City, the city of his birth. 

Delissalde early training in classical European sculpting and painting and his formal academic degrees in the fields of chemical engineering (B.Sc.), theology (Th.M.) and philosophy (Ph.D.), show him as an artist genuinely and relentlessly engaged in the human quest for Beauty. His designs are nurtured through a constant study of sculpture in art museums and public monuments throughout the United States and Europe.

Delissalde’s sculptures are mainly in bronze and his genre of choice is modern figurative. His work announces and transmits the most intense sentiments experienced by the human condition. ​A recent work is a multi-sculpture public project — four monumental bronze sculptures commissioned by the State of Wyoming — installed in the interior of the Dome of the Capitol Building in July 2019.

Since 2008 the artist works in his atelier in Denver; he also designs his works in his atelier in Aix-en-Provence, France. His work is prized by collectors in the United States, France, Spain, Portugal and Mexico.



    2019    Four monumental allegories: Truth, Justice, Courage, and Hope, in the rotunda of the State Capitol of Wyoming, USA
    2019    Portrait of Monsieur Jerome Lewis, Downing Street Foundation, Denver, Colorado
    2016    I thirst, Church of San Vicente, City of San Sebastian, SPAIN

    2014    Love one another, Colorado Christian College, Denver, Colorado

    2013    Portrait of Chancellor V. Grounds, Denver Theological Seminary, Denver, Colorado


    2018    I thirst, Denver, Colorado

    2017    I thirst, San Sebastian, SPAIN
    2017    Head of “Victoria”, Mexico City, MEXICO
    2017    I thirst, Miami, Florida
    2017    I thirst, Westminster, Colorado
    2017    I thirst, Miami, Florida
    2017    I thirst, Greenwood Village, Colorado
    2016    The emigrant, Denver, Colorado
    2016    Femenine nude sitting, Denver, Colorado
    2015    Guardian angel, Denver, Colorado
    2015    Beethoven, Mexico City, MEXICO
    2015    La Main de Dieu, City of San Sebastian, SPAIN
    2014    That you love one another, Pueblo, Colorado
    2013    Magdalene, Cherry Hills, Colorado
    2012    Magdalene, Barcelona, SPAIN
    2012    Magdalene, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
    2012    Deborah, Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
    2012    Awakening, Cherry Hills, Colorado
    2012    That you love one another, Denver, Colorado
    2012    Dreamer, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    2011    Magdalene, Barcelona, SPAIN
    2011    Portrait, Greenwood Village, Colorado
    2011    I shall rise again, Denver, Colorado
    2011    Awakening, Cherry Creek, Colorado
    2010    Bust portrait, Denver, Colorado
    2010    The Man of Galilee, Paris, FRANCE
    2010    La Main de Dieu, Key Biscayne, Florida
    2010    The Man of Galilee, Greenwood Village and Castle Rock, Colorado
    2010    La Main de Dieu, Greenwood Village, Colorado
    2010    La Main de Dieu, Paris, FRANCE

    2010    La Main de Dieu, Barcelona, SPAIN
    2010    The Man of Galilee, Englewood, Colorado
    2010    The Man of Galilee, City of San Sebastian, SPAIN
    2010    The Man of Galilee, Mexico City, MEXICO
    2009    The Man of Galilee, Parker, Colorado
    2009    Bust portrait, Monsieur Chetter Latcham, Denver, Colorado
    2009    Bust portrait, Monsieur Gaylord Layton, Parker, Colorado
    2009    Deborah, Avon, Colorado

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